ist2_3121470-painters-work-logo-emblemThe Custom Painting Professional Difference for Residential and Commercial Painting Projects

My name is Gary McGee and I am the proud owner and President of Custom Painting Inc. As a 3rd generation painter and owner of a highly regarded painting company I meet many new people on a regular basis. In the course of my business days, I am often asked “Why should I choose your company? What is the difference between your painting company and other painters?”

There is no simple answer but the one I like to give as a starting response is that “We’ll turn your project into a work of art, and guarantee your satisfaction 100%! That’s what we call our “Professional Difference!”

I believe it and stand by it! And to show how much I have thought about my professional dedication here is our…

Commitment to Our Clients

  1. Communication with our customers and teams to ensure painting projects are completed accurately, efficiently, and timely. We keep our customers informed before, during, and after the job.
  2. Safety is at all times first and foremost. The safety of your family and/or employees, your property and our employees is our most important responsibility. We take it seriously and are proud of our safety programs and accident-free record in the industry.
  3. Painting Quality, which means not only that your painting project looks great, but that is stays looking great for years to come! We back up our word with written labor and material warranties.
  4. The Environment is something I personally care about and strive to reduce waste and dispose of it properly as needed and use as environmentally friendly products whenever possible.
  5. Our Employees are our life blood and therefore, we continually train our crews and ensure they are taken care of. We supply them with health insurance, a retirement package, paid time off, workers compensation insurance a great working environment with the best equipment money can buy. Our employees are loyal and share my commitment to customer service.
  6. Attitude. Owning a business comes with professional and social responsibilities to the business, the community, customers, and employees. I recognize these facts and do everything in my ability to operate my business with these in mind.
  7. Constant and Never-Ending Improvement. Not only am I committed to staying abreast of industry updates and breakthroughs, I also discuss the latest technologies and efficiencies with product suppliers to discover new ways to improve every aspect of the execution of my skills and those of the painting team that supports me.
  8. Take Nothing for Granted. Make no assumptions about client expectations. Assess every aspect of every painting project to be sure it is undertaken in the manner that will achieve the best quality results while maintaining efficiency to contain costs for clients.

Residential and Commercial Painting Services

•    Interior (Paint Spraying, paint rolling and paint brush work)
•    Exteriors (Paint Spraying, paint rolling and paint brush work)
•    Multi-story exteriors (residential and commercial)
•    Custom Homes (Our specialty)
•    Basements
•    Surface Restoration
•    Surface Preparation (Interior and Exterior)
•    Cabinet Staining / Painting
•    Doors / Railings
•    Deck Finishing / Refinishing
•    Acoustic Ceilings
•    Elastomeric Coatings
•    Garage Floor Coatings
•    Custom Faux Finishes
•    Epoxy Finishes
•    Wallpaper Removal
•    Drywall Repairs / Texturing
•    Light Carpentry
•    Power Washing
•    Pond Sealing
•    Plus we also have a very reliable and skilled group of people we can refer to you for Home Remodels & Renovations

Custom Painting… done right the first time!
Be sure to call us for all your painting needs… 612.990.9034